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Calming Pink


Another day with hands over my eyes.
What a sharade.
The doomed are walking doom street
and get cheered on their parade.
The patriots are patriotic
and chant their dull paroles.

Another day and nothing new.
The blind still lead the blind.
The rich are getting filthy rich
and set the world on fire.
Anarchists are smashing cars
to keep the world in tune.

The symptoms of our cancer,
they show all over the place.
Got too much of everythig,
and it’s never enough.
All the crooks and liars sleep a good nights sleep tonight.
Good night.


They’re sliding down the line,
waving from their open cascets.
Going down a one way street
till they finally meet their dead end.
Work a lifetime, will you ever pay the ransom?
You must have tortured your minds
to become so rational.

Do we just wait to turn cynical, eventually?
I should have grown up a million times,
guess I’m still young enough to know better?!
Add another one to your collection of plan b’s.
Till they’re crawling up from your basement and scream
“Rotting on the inside!”

Ever since I’m planning great escapes.
Run the rat race.
You know you can’t win.


Took a step outside today.
Armed to the teeth, tinfoil hat.
Someone must have poisoned the water,
I kinda feel like throwing up all the time.
I guess the nausea’s here to stay.

What a wonderful place to live
for a misanthropic philanthropist.
Next time you open your mouth
I’ll make sure I’m turned to the wall.
Everyone here
hates everyone.

I’m crawling back into my head.
Think I’ve had enough.

Someone declared war.
It’s you versus someone else
Don’t worry, they’ll choose sides for you.
And the world it turns, it turns, it turns
Lightheaded we go.
You know where i can be found.

I’m crawling back into my head.
Think I’ve had enough.


Work all day
Sleep all night
Always ahead of moon and sun.
Heading on your way up,
and I’m sure greed will get you far.
Run run run,
gather some more.
Sun up sun down.

Speak all day,
hardly say anything.
Everyone’s a waste of time.
Everyone’s just wasting time.
Move to the same and ever repeating drum.
Anything money can buy to make a life worth living.
Work all day,
sleep all night.
Sun up sun down.


Throw all your money in the deep blue sea.
I think I’ll burn my cell phone and passport too.
Let’s see if I’m still alive.
I’ll keep my head in the clouds forever.
Nothing to prove, we just do what we do.
Go pray to the heavens, but I’m pretty sure it’s all black where I’m going.
Rest your troubled mind.
The sun always brings another day.
I’ve got it figured out: I don’t think we‘ll ever come to terms.

Throw your troubles out where they belong.
I’m trading all my fool’s gold.
Bring bags, you can have it all.
All this dead weight, it’s just bending our spines.
Kicking dirt into the past.
They push and pull, but they can’t have it back.
Ease your mind my friend,
you know it’s all inside our heads.
What you don’t have now,
you don’t need it anyway.

Throw all your money in the deep blue sea.


Shut me into a room of calming pink.

The news scream like million guns around my tired ears.
Each and every day.
Constant paranoia and hate,
you can almost breathe it.
Old white men in worn out grey suits
hold the world by a thread.
Before they push the red button
one too many times,
I figured it‘s time.
I got myself a gun and a space suit.
Fuck you, consider me gone.


So what, we’re not getting any younger.
I quit measuring age in years.
I’m not in the mood for nostalgia today,
chances are I won’t be tomorrow.

God must have been drunk when we slipped into this world.
Whoever poured dopamine into the blood in our veins.
Once they tried to put reason to our brains,
it went in one ear and out the other.

Now we praise the gods of one life and no heavens.
Well aware time is laughing at our face.
Throw your life away for a cheap thrill.
Drank the venom and don’t need the antidote.

No rest, till we’re blue in the face.

All across this god damned planet
we’re all the same clueless fools.
Stuck with the promise of an uncertain tomorrow.
So come on, sway your life away with me.


Catch a glimpse of the sun on your daily way to hell.
Another day we scratch our red eyes.
Clock in and sing along to some stupid song you hate.
Put on your crooked smile and down the same poison,
over and over again.

Drag your skeletons from a to b.
Always in a rush.
Pull your coffin off to work.
Pull your coffin back to bed.
I think you better call in sick today.
I think you better call in sick tomorrow.
Yeah all we ever do, spit into the wind.

Before you burn all of your nine lives,
it’s not too late.
I’m only counting eight yet.


Dancing on the ashes, matches in hands.
Now that the past is gone the future’s wide open,
and why hesitate.
I can’t tell just what it is that’s holding us back.
Become who you wanna be.
Life is brief, and who the fuck is anyone to judge.

If they hold a shape, well don’t fit in.
Flush their demands down the nearest drain.
Never join the dull army of the living dead.
Everyone just talks and talks, no one ever follows through.
As if they got a second life
after the one they threw away.

We fade into oblivion, soon enough, you and me.
The good and the bad, they’ll vanish fast.
The rich and the famous are going too.
One day they can dump my weary bones in the ground.
It’s one day to the next and then
oblivion, here we come.

Like tiny ants on a hopeless crusade.
We’re all going nowhere lost in time and space.

We slip through the cracks and wash away.
If they scratch the name on your epitaph deep enough
you might be remembered for a day or two.
I’m no longer losing sleep over things we can’t control.
About time we start to live.
Olivion, here we come.


Raise the flag in your front yard.
All you ordinary fools are just freaking me out.
Spread like a bad joke that never gets old.
I’ve been to the ends of the earth,
to the waters edge and back.
Just to find out it’s all the same.
All across this flat earth.
So now you know.

Resentment, yeah it sticks
like dirt under my fingernails.
All those idiots out in the real world,
tell them all to go to hell.
I just can’t relate.
What a hopeless bunch of clowns we are.
I‘m trading my last hopes for a bag of nihilism.
Let’s get some champagne and watch the inferno.

I’ve been to the ends of the earth,
to the waters edge and back.
Just to find out it’s all the same.
All across this flat earth.
So now you know.

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